Prentverkstæði, 2023, nature morte cyanotype photographs*

Prentverkstæði 2024 toned cyanotype photographThe awe-inspiring cyanotype photographs beautifully showcase the spirit and mastery of the Icelandic Printmakers Association’s print shop, set amidst the spellbinding environs of Hafnarhúsið, Reykjavík. These captivating images unveil a mesmerizing universe of intricately arranged ‘nature morte’ compositions and captivating abstract details, providing a profound glimpse into the exceptional creativity and skill of the print shop’s members, leaving a lasting impact on all who behold them.

Cyanotype photographs: the process

These images are not mere photographs but a testament to the meticulous artistry of the cyanotype process, which traces its origins back to 1842. A solution of photosensitive iron salts is delicately painted upon watercolour paper. Once dry, a digital negative is carefully sandwiched with the paper and illuminated with ultraviolet light. The resulting blue image is a cyanotype photograph, a unique and captivating art form. These are then bleached and toned in a solution from red pine bark, which tints the paper and gives the darker tones a metallic feel and the lighter shades a rusty style that suits the subject matter perfectly.

Editions & folios for sale

The artwork is offered for sale in the following formats:

  1. 28 x 28 cm single image edition, limited to 16 copies: Priced at kr. 30,000 (roughly $215) each.
  2. 56 x 56 cm single-image edition, limited to 12 copies: Priced at kr. 90,000 (roughly $645) each.
  3. A 28 x 28 cm box set folio edition of all 16 images, limited to 8 copies: Priced at kr. 350,000 (roughly $2,500) each.
  4. A 56 x 56 cm box set folio edition of all 16 images, limited to 4 copies, is Priced at kr. 1,000,000 (roughly $7,200) each.

Each copy and edition is signed and has a certificate of authenticity.

Individual images sized 28 x 28 cm can be ordered directly by selecting „Purchase“ on the relevant page.

For other sizes and inquiries, please select „Inquire“ or email at

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