Originality of the Avant-garde 2024

Recently, I have been experimenting with using theory to generate images with AI programs. This has proved unexpectedly successful in some cases, with the resulting photos suitable for printing with the cyanotype process. This resulted in three series, each based on a select quotation from The Originality of the Avant-garde by Rosalynd E. Krauss. Each quote addresses a specific problem in contemporary art, with the resulting images condensing these issues. Every image has been generated programmatically, with the seeds based on the first 150 digits of the letter pi. These have then been resized in ON1 Resize AI, adding another element to the equation, adjusted in Capture One Pro with the prompt added to the resulting image in Affinity design, the final digital negative being output via the PiezoDN technique. Finally, each image was printed on watercolour paper and, in some cases, toned to achieve the intended tonal scale.

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